• The height from the sea level is 400 m
  • Terrain - Mountainous
  • The climate is cold and the summer is relatively dry and hot.
  • The temperature of the winter months is +2, +5°C, maximum temperatures in summer is +38, + 40°C.
  • The number of precipitation is 100-200 mm.
  • The number of wet days is about 150 per year.


Gelati - a village in Georgia, in the Tkibuli municipality of Imereti region (community of Kursebi ). Located in the northern Imereti foothills, near the village of Okriba, on the left side of the river Tskaltsitela.

Gelati Monastry - Georgian architectural ensemble, the most important center of medieval Georgia, is situated 11 km north-east of Kutaisi in the valley of the Tskalsitela river. Founded in 1106 by David Aghmashenebeli it is walled by the fence of the fortress.

The ensemble comprises the buildings of various periods (mainly XII-XIII cc). It is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites list ( 2010-2017 years). The main dome temple of the Assumption of the Virgin is the main domed cathedral, which has the dome based on two pillars and the altar wall, and on the east, there are three sides crest - Apsidi.

At different times some parts were added to the main part of the building: on the west side - Stoa, on the south and north –chapels. The area of the cathedral, including additional buildings, is about 35m x 36 m x 34 m. The exterior of the temple is faced by “eklari” stone tiles, the facades are elaborated in complex arches and there are hardly any ornaments there. The spacious and enlarged interior space leaves a ceremonial impression. The walls and vaults are uniformly covered with paintings of different times. In the east of the main temple is the XII century St. George’s church. In the plan and forms, it reiterates the main cathedral, but it is smaller.

The inside walls are covered with paintings of the XVI century. The XIII-XIV century St. Nicholas two-story church is erected 9m from the main cathedral. The bottom floor is opened to all four sides with the arches, and the second floor is a small chapel in the shape of cross. On the northwest of the main temple is the XIII century chapel- its lower part is a patio with arches and it is built on the spring. On top of it is a small storage, and above - the bell tower. The Gelati Ensemble also includes the Academy, only the ruins of the Academy have reached to us. It seems that there used to be three entrances on the east side of the rectangular building (an area about 300 m²). Later, richly decorated gate was added to the middle entrance.

The stone seats were lined along the walls. The building was illuminated through large windows, the walls were painted.